/Best Day Break Trips in Europe

Best Day Break Trips in Europe

Everybody needs a vacation now and then, whether it’s from work, home or any other aspects of normal life! But it’s not always possible to take a full holiday with all the obligations going on. So why not take a day break? Even just a short day trip away can help you rejuvenate your energy levels and get back to a place of feeling refreshed. Leave everything you need to do at home, because it will still be there when you get back. With such cheap flights and travel packages around Europe, you can easily hop on a flight and travel just an hour or two to one of these awesome places. So treat yourself to one of these day trips around Europe and you’ll be so glad you did!

Paris, France

Everyone knows that Paris is one of the most romantic capitals in the world. But it’s also a fantastic place to just get away from it all! You can immerse yourself so fully in the rich culture here, spending the day captivated by all the museums, sights and architecture in this beautiful city. Don’t forget to pick up a fresh baguette and some cheese from a local shop, then sit and eat a picnic alongside the River Seine just like a local.

Munich, Germany

If you have a chance, you must spend a day exploring the quaint Bavarian city of Munich. Just a 45-minute flight from London, you’ll feel like you’re in a completely different part of the world here. Munich is a great city to explore by foot and get some exercise and fresh air. Alternatively, you can use the efficient U-bahn system to get around easily. Enjoy coffee at a sidewalk cafe, see the sights, and even enjoy a German beer at the famous Hofbrauhaus.

Copenhagen, Denmark

With just an hour of flight time from London, you can find yourself in the Danish capital all set to explore this incredible place to shop and eat. First up is sampling the original Danish pastry along with a coffee to get your day started. Then explore the Latin Quarter, filled with lots of cute shops and secondhand stores, and lastly the Stroget area where you can get your full shopping experience.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a quick flight from pretty much anywhere in Europe, and a great place to spend a day (at the very least!) It’s a great spot to shop because they’re not on the Euro, so your money will go a bit farther. Explore the Charles Bridge area, stopping for a photo in front of Prague Castle. If you’re a history and culture nut, take the free tour of the city where you’ll learn all about it’s fascinating past.

Dublin, Ireland

Only an hour from London, Dublin is a perfect spot for a fun day trip. Follow the Heritage Trail where you’ll learn about the historical parts of Dublin. Temple Bar is another historic area now filled with tons of shops and cafes. You can stroll all through the city experiencing the local culture, enjoy great food and drinks and an overall laid-back atmosphere.