/Business Trip To Bandung, Indonesia

Business Trip To Bandung, Indonesia

There are certainly worse places to visit on business than Bandung. Bandung is actually a great city. As Indonesia’s third largest city, Bandung is located southeast of Jakarta. With an elevation of just over 750m it offers more pleasant weather than cities near the coast, making it a popular destination for weekend tourist from nearby towns.

With its many textiles and apparel factories, a large agricultural economy and a hub for education in the country, there is much business to be done Bandung. If you find yourself in the sprawling elevated city, surrounded by volcanic mountains while on business and aren’t sure what do to with what little time you have off, look no further. Here’s a guide on what to squeeze in while on business to Bandung


You’ll likely want to stay and keep rested in a modern hotel in Bandung. The entire city is surrounded by lush vegetation and striking mountains, be sure to ask for an outside facing view to see the cityscape as well as the landscape. The majority of hotels are equipped with wifi and business centre. Having a pool and a gym is a nice touch to your business trip.

Get Fitted

The city has dozens of shopping malls and, even more, pop up shops and Distros. Distros are shops that sell products made by locals. The individual designers don’t have their own label yet so they sell them in Distros. As a product or item become more popular they try to release it as a unique brand. There are now over 200 unique brand names in Bandung alone. The city is also a mecca for denim apparel with shops filling the streets along Jl. Cihampelas. If you are wanting more of a high-end shopping experience you can check out the stalls on Jl. Dago and Jl. Riau.


If you’ve had a stressful day and need to unwind the there are several rooftop bars with a fantastic ambiance and stunning views. If a massage treatment is more your style there are unlimited options to relax in a wide range of prices. If you have a little more time to meander check out the tea plantation walk, a short trail just outside the city near the Ciater Resort and Spa. The relaxing stroll will wow you with its tranquility and vibrant green landscapes. If you are feeling more adventurous you can visit the Tangkuban perahu volcano located just outside the city. The volcano is not active and it’s the only volcano in the country that you can walk right up to the rim of the crater. 


The city has a range of multi-national dishes to appease any appetite. Be sure to try some of the local Sundanese food, which typically consists of fish, raw vegetables and chili. A good place to sample a bit of everything is Burangrang Culinary Street on l Burangrang. Here you’ll find food stall and small restaurants from all around the world. Don’t worry if you need an upscale western hit too, there are plenty of your favorite chain and fast food restaurants in the area.