/Discover quintessential Italy with your family

Discover quintessential Italy with your family

There are certain things that really do make you think of italy – delicious pizza, refreshing gelato ice cream, the astounding Colosseum and the unusual Leaning Tower of Pisa to name just a few.

If you want your kids to experience the real Italy on your next family holiday, make sure you take them on a trip that includes plenty of outstanding local food, a spot of sightseeing and a dash of adventure. We’re going to run through some of the highlights around Naples – you’ll find a more detailed itinerary here.

Neapolitan food

Neapolitan simply means anything that originated in Naples, and there are numerous Italian favourites that come from this coastal city. One of the most famous is pizza, with the Neapolitan variety featuring a thin base and offered with a huge array of toppings – although you still can’t beat the classic tomato and mozzarella.

There are dozens of pizzerias in Naples – such as L’Antica Pizzeria Brandi, Trianon di Cero and Di Matteo – so you and the kids can grab a slice while you’re out and about. There are several classic pasta dishes from Naples too, including pastae fagioli, which is a kind of pasta and bean soup, and gnocchi alla sorrentina.

Make eating dinner together as a family a key part of your holiday to ensure you get to sample the best of Italian cuisine.

Vesuvius and Pompeii

Pompeii is famous for having been completely covered by hot ash and pumice when nearby Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD79, killing the majority of the 15,000 residents. Because of its speedy and unusual end, the city was remarkably well preserved and archaeologists have made some incredible discoveries in the ruins.

If you’re based in Naples you can’t miss an excursion to this amazing site, where you can explore opulently-decorated villas, wander along the colonnaded streets and marvel at Roman temples. However, you don’t just have to stay in Pompeii, as there is also the option of taking a trip to Vesuvius’ crater rim. Kids will love the excitement of getting this close to the volcano, while mum and dad can enjoy the amazing views of Naples and its bay.

Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is one of Italy’s premier seaside destinations because of its beautiful landscapes that are dominated by sheer cliffs. The towns in the region are perched on the slopes of steep hills and march from the sea all the way back inland. Driving along the twisting roads between these towns is bound to thrill youngsters, who will love being able to see the curves of the tarmac ahead as it winds its way up impossibly steep hills and clings to the very edge of the cliff.

Sorrento is a well-known holiday hotspot and one that’s bound to appeal to parents thanks to its elegance and charm. Children are sure to enjoy an ice cream or two, with gelato Italiano available from parlours all over the town.

Once you’ve taken in Sorrento’s classic Italian style, head into the countryside that surrounds the town for a stroll through orange orchards, vineyards and olive groves – it’s a great way to see where all that tasty food you’ve been eating has come from. As well as growing the raw ingredients, products such as jam, olive oil and even honey are all produced in the area.