/How good is your cloud security?

How good is your cloud security?

Times have certainly changed when we look at how we store all of our documents, music and pictures. No longer do we rely solely on the hard drive of our computer’s to keep all our things safe, now cloud storage is becoming the number one choice for people when they look for space to hold their digital property.

The cloud is without doubt a fantastic invention and one that will only get even better with time. There is always the question that people keep asking  – is my personal data safe when I store it in the cloud? I recently found a fantastic article online about cloud security which answered these questions for me, click here to read it. It certainly left me feeling that I had learned a lot and had a much clearer idea about cloud storage plus the steps that can be taken to improve security.

Before you read the post please do take a look at the info graphic below so that you can get a bit of background first. The good people over at Dell put together this great piece about cloud security, there are some very interesting facts and figures in there, some of which may surprise you.

I would be very interested to here from all of you out there about how you choose to store your digital property. Do you trust cloud storage? Have you had and good or bad experiences? I love hearing from all of you and as a community we can share our knowledge to help each other, all you have to do is pop your thoughts down in the comment box at the end of this post. Enjoy the info below!