/Have a Trip of a Lifetime to Antarctica

Have a Trip of a Lifetime to Antarctica

Antarctica is one of the least explored parts of our world. It has no government, as it is not a country as such, but it is regulated under the ATS (Antarctic Treaty System). It is a sizeable area, however, at 14 million square kilometers.

About Antarctica

Antarctica is the perfect place for those who seek solitude. It is a place of ethereal beauty, perfect for adventurous travelers. If you go here, you will build memories that will last a lifetime. Very few have truly been here and those who have never seem to stop talking about the bulky glaciers, the towering mountains and the dreamlike, luminous icebergs. It is a place where you can truly discover just how powerful nature is and how, despite our hardest attempts, mankind will never beat Mother Earth.

Every year, more and more travel operators like Tauck Tours can cruise and ferry to Antarctica. As a result, new facilities are being developed, which include culinary, travel and accommodation options. Nowadays, it is possible to ascend Mount Erebus, which is the most southern active volcano on the planet. Alternatively, you can take a helicopter ride over the continent, or visit penguin colonies by boat. The wildlife, and particularly enormous whales, albatrosses, seals and birds, is like nothing you will have ever seen before.

Some say that Antarctica no longer is that undiscovered place and that mankind is changing it. Indeed, some suggest it would be better to remove as much tourism as possible from the area, so that it is preserved in its most elemental state. This would also avoid environmental damage from happening. Be that as it may, current tour operators are all committed to minimizing damage to the continent and this is why a visit here is such a magical and irresistible experience. Visitors are strongly encouraged, however, to consider their personal environmental impact and to do all they can to not negatively affect the area.

Antarctica, for many, stands for survival and endurance. The continent was first spotted in 1819. Before this, however, people knew it was there but hadn’t seen it. It was referred to as “Terra Australia Incognita”, which literally means “the unknown southern land”, and it seemed to be a mystical and magical place. 80 years after it was first spotted, people tried to occupy it, but they failed. It is an incomprehensible and very inhospitable environment, and perhaps that is a good thing.

Antarctica Travel Advice

In almost all cases, Antarctica can be visited without any problems, particularly through organized tours. However, the climate is harsh and unforgiving, and this is something to be aware of. There are no particular travel warnings in place for Antarctica, although it is strongly suggested that nobody should try to venture out on their own. Many people who have tried to uncover the magic behind the continent have died in the process. As such, you should stick to the itinerary of an organized tour and simply enjoy the magical experience.