/How to survive Disneyworld without the need for another holiday

How to survive Disneyworld without the need for another holiday

There is no denying that as wonderful as a holiday to Disneyworld in Orlando is, and believe me, it is full of magic and wonder, it is as tiring as you might imagine too. The key is to throw in a few tips to make sure you come out the other side of your holiday without needing to lie down for an extended amount of time when you return, and having to book another holiday to get over it!

Obviously cutting out tiredness and stress related to your travel plans is the best place to start, and we’re looking at a long haul flight here. Trying to get as much sleep as possible before you all head off is the best foundation, and avoiding the need for expensive and stressful public transport is a good go-to also. I do this regularly, regardless of where I’m going, and I find it gives me a more restful start to my break. If you book through ParkBCP you will find great rates on nationwide parking services, including East Midlands Airport parking, a service I’ve used several times and wouldn’t hesitate to use again. If you can grab a little extra rest at this stage, you’ll be better placed to begin your Disney adventure.

Once you land, you may be a little jetlagged, and whilst this is entirely normal, try and acclimatise yourself to this as quickly as possible, by getting into a routine. If it is night time when you land, try and go to bed, and if it’s a mealtime, eat – basically act like you live there and your body will catch up much quicker.

You may be travelling with kids in tow, and in that case you need to try and keep as much of a lid on over-excitement as possible. This is going to be hard, because they’re visiting Disneyworld, and this is every child’s dream, but pacing yourself is the best advice to give.

Pre-planning is a good idea for the parks, and that means trying to figure out which park you’re going to visit on which day. There may be special events going on in different parks on certain days, so check online and plan your visit accordingly. If you know which park you’re going to on which day then you won’t spend half the morning trying to decide, and getting increasingly stressed out as a result.

The FastPass system is a good idea to utilise once you’re actually in the parks, because this cuts down on queueing for popular rides, and means you can explore a bit more of the parks whilst you wait. Alternatively, head to the popular attractions whilst the parades are on, as you’ll find queues are less during this time.

Enjoying and surviving a trip to Disneyworld is really about pre-planning and pacing yourself – keep your pace slow and your enjoyment high, and you’ll be planning your next jaunt across the Atlantic before you know it, without needing to rest too much when you return home.