/Istanbul – The Gem Of Turkey

Istanbul – The Gem Of Turkey

I remember as a kid going on holiday to Turkey on more than one occasion. It was always to some all-inclusive resort by the beach, which back then seemed amazing but now is something I would always avoid. If I am heading to Turkey these days there is only one place where my journey will start and that’s Istanbul. If you haven’t been to the city yet then you should go as soon as possible – it is easily one of the best cities in the world. With so many great travel offers available and great flights with Turkish Airlines, there’s never been a better time to go.

Once you’ve booked the flights and accommodation it’s time to start planning. There’s so much to see, do and experience, you will never be short of options. Each time I return to the city I fall in love with it even more, I’m always finding new things in this buzzing metropolis. Here are 3 reasons you too will fall in love with the place.

Explore the history

If you love history then Istanbul is going to blow you away, even if you don’t usually take in the history I am sure you’ll still be amazed here. Top of the list has to be the Blue Mosque, then just a short stroll away is the Hagia Sophia. The shoppers in your group should head to one of the biggest markets on the planet – The Grand Bazaar. You can literally spend hours here walking from stall to stall, it’s a shopping experience like no other.

The Tasty Food

If you think that you’ve had good kebabs at home then think again! You can find amazing meats on every street, topped with mouth watering sauce and stuffed inside some fresh pitta bread. I promise that as soon as you get back on the plane home you will already be missing the food. If you have a sweet tooth then eat as much Baklava as you can, it should come with a warning because it’s so moreish.

The People

From the moment you land you feel welcome here in Istanbul. I found it to be easily one of the friendliest countries I have visited, the local people couldn’t do enough when ever I asked for help. A great example is when we came out of the train station with our bags looking lost, a local guy came up and asked us where we were going. We told him the name of our hotel, he didn’t point us in the right direction, he walked and guided us to the door! It was about 2 kilometers away but he didn’t mind and simply left us by saying welcome to Istanbul. I think the local people can make or break a holiday, well, in Istanbul they more than make it!

Have you been to Istanbul or are you planning to visit soon? It would be great for you to share with everyone what you enjoyed there, tips you picked up or what you’re looking forward to discovering on your upcoming trip. Just pop your thoughts in the comment box below this article – thanks for sharing guys!