/KLM: The Orange Experience

KLM: The Orange Experience

The Dutch holiday of King’s Day is not only a street party and massive street market rolled into one, but it’s the most orange-colored holiday in the world. KLM and Heineken partnered up this year to give 10 Americans the chance to experience the festivities and celebration in Amsterdam this year.

The competition began on Amsterdam Avenue in New York City, where KLM and Heineken set up a mini replica of King’s Day, complete with a little market and orange booth. They pulled people aside throughout the day, and asked them dance-related questions. Those who answered correctly didn’t yet know what was in store for them. They were simply instructed to meet at JFK airport on April 25… and be ready for anything.

So where did these lucky winners end up? They were ushered straight on a plane headed for Amsterdam, for the ultimate Orange experience. No sooner had they landed, but they were put straight on an orange bus to the Heineken Brewery. Here, they tasted some local beers and then hopped on a boat to enjoy the scenic canals of the city. As they floated through Amsterdam, watching the orange festivities ignite all around them, they were surprised by DJ Armin van Buuren jumping on board to give them a private performance. These Americans had never experienced anything like this Dutch holiday! After this amazing cap off to their introduction to Amsterdam, they went on to enjoy the street parties and festivities of King’s Day with the rest of Amsterdam.

Check out the Orange Experience video below: