/Making the most out of a trip to West Edmonton Mall

Making the most out of a trip to West Edmonton Mall

While Edmonton doesn’t get much coverage in travel media circles compared to other cities in Canada, it does have one ace up its sleeve – West Edmonton Mall, the largest shopping centre in the Americas.

However, it is much more than just a place to max out your credit card buying the latest fashions – it has been a lifestyle centre long before lifestyle centres were even a thing.

With a water park, amusement park, casino, ice rink, performance spaces, nightclubs, and even a shooting range under its roof, this place can host stag parties just as easily as it can entertain families.

Whatever your motivation for heading to the most northerly major city in Canada instead of heading somewhere conventional like Toronto, we will give you a brief taste of the excitement that awaits you within the maze-like halls of West Edmonton Mall below.

1) Drop by the Palace Casino

Gamers and gamblers of all kinds will be pleasantly surprised to learn that there is a casino contained within the bounds of West Edmonton Mall.

Known as the Palace Casino, it is the place where local action junkies go to hang out while their spouses go shopping.

From blackjack to a poker room filled with dedicated regulars, this gaming house’s cosiness is its biggest attraction.

Haven’t played in a brick and mortar casino in a while? Get up to speed on the rules of your favourite pit games by firing up Spin palace before heading down to the Palace Casino.

From roulette to slots to blackjack, all the most popular games are there, so play until you feel comfortable with mechanics of each, then hit the floor. Good luck!

2) Go for a swim at World Waterpark

Want to transport yourself to the tropics even though it is -20 degrees outside? Consider yourself lucky, as West Edmonton Mall is home to World Waterpark.

Reigning as North America’s largest indoor aquatic park, the air temperature of this well-loved park hovers between 28 to 30 degrees Celsius.

From tame splash pads for toddlers, to kamikaze water slides for the risk takers in your group, there is plenty to love about this place.

For no more than $41 CAD per person, you can access this amazing attraction, making a day spent here a profitable bet when it comes to fun.   

3) Live it up at Galaxyland

Once you have toweled yourself off after a fun outing at World Waterpark, stroll over to Galaxyland next.

You’ll think you’ve won the lottery the second you lay your eyes upon its various attractions, which range from the Mindbender, currently the world’s largest indoor triple-loop roller coaster, to the Space Shot, the world’s tallest indoor tower ride at over 120 feet high.

There are plenty of attractions for your little ones as well, with carousels, tamer versions of the big rides, and engaging arcade games being scattered throughout the halls of one of the world’s largest indoor theme parks.

4) Play an epic round of mini-golf

Sometimes, there’s nothing more fun than an exciting round of mini-golf. Fortunately for you, West Edmonton Mall is home to two outstanding courses – Professor WEM’s Adventure Golf and Dragon’s Tale Blacklight Mini-Golf.

Don’t let the fact you are adults stop you from playing – make some prop bets on the side and go at it with your friends – it may end up being one of the most fun-filled outings you’ve had in years.