/Pack Effectively with these Top 6 Space-saving Tips

Pack Effectively with these Top 6 Space-saving Tips

With the right tips and products, you’d be surprised how much space you can save in your bag. With these top six tips and some suggestions on handy solutions, packing for a trip will never be a hassle again. Here are some tips form seasoned travel experts Urbane Traveller.

Only Take What You Need

Only taking what you need on a trip can save a great deal of space, and you can now save even more with convenient and secure silicone travel bottles. These non-drip, squeezable products are made from a food-grade material and are ideal for containing travel-size amounts of important liquids such as shampoo, condiments, shower gel, body lotion, etc. Rather than stuffing a large bottle of shampoo into your bag, a small silicone travel bottle is a compact substitute.

Organise Your Belongings

Organising the contents of your bag will not only allow you to easily find what you want, but also present more space-saving opportunities. Products such as travel storage containers, pill boxes and cable tidies help a great deal in arranging important cables and SD cards, as well as small bits and bobs into their own compartments. Less clutter will give you a better idea of the space available for other items in you bag.

Remove That Space-Hogging Air

Air can take up a lot of space in a bag, so a compression sac will offer just the solution many have been looking for. To save as much as 80% in volume, compressions sacs in a range of sizes can push the air out of clothing such as jackets and garments with ease. They also function as a handy and durable zip-lock container, especially if you want to separate dirty laundry.

Collapsible Solutions

Thinking outside the box when you’re preparing to pack for a trip will allow you to pack items that would normally take up a lot of space. Cups, for example, are important for camping trips or hiking, so a collapsible cup that is leak-proof will prove invaluable. Made from silicone, you can use them by the fireside, on the bedside table or at work before simply collapsing them and slipping them into your bag.

Compact and Organisable Bags

Packing cubes are the ultimate solution for staying organised while saving space. In a range of sizes, you can compartmentalise your belongings so you know where to find items without disrupting the setup of your whole bag. With everything organised, seeing where to save space is also a lot clearer and the compact nature of these products means the contents are compressed, further saving space.

All-in-one Solutions

Wherever you can combine belongings in to an all-in-one solution, you’ll be well on your way to saving a lot of space. Many shower gels, for instance, combine as a body wash and shampoo. A particularly handy product in this area is the travel utensil set. It brings together handy cutlery such as a knife, spoon and fork, as well as a bottle opener and toothpick, all in to a compact container ideal for camping.