/The Best Travel Apps For Your Trip

The Best Travel Apps For Your Trip

Technology has changed the face of travel forever, but it’s a labyrinthe out there in terms of websites, apps and pieces of new fangled technology. What should you dive into, and what should you leave? You certainly can’t go around downloading every new app on the market, and unless you want to fight with your postman, you can go ordering every new piece of travel tech on the internet either.

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Fear not though friends, we’re here to help. Our writing team have visited over one hundred countries around the globe, and we’ve put our heads together to come with the top five apps that you really shouldn’t leave your home sweet home without. So read on, and get your app store open in preparation:

A) XE App. The number one app for foreign exchange EVER. XE.com has been around almost as long as the internet, as the number one places to check any currency against another. They developed an app to do the same thing and they have nailed it – user friendly, free and with a host of quirky history you can check about each currency too. XE will make sure you get a great deal for your foreign exchanges when you’re on the road.

B) Google Maps. It may sound simple folks, but first of all if you’re an iPhone user it doesn’t come built in. Delete Apple Maps, download Google maps. Next, when you’re overseas, even without a foreign sim card, if you leave your wifi and bluetooth on the Google Map function can still track where you are BUT only if you have predownloaded the map of where you want to go, so don’t forget. This is an absolute God-Send for travelers everywhere, yet very few people seem to know about it.

C) Wikitravel Offline. Wikitravel.org is the new travel bible, no matter how obscure the place you are visting is, this crowd sourced well of information is waiting for you, full of tips about how to get there, where to sleep and what to do. Thankfully, some entrepreneurial upstart has downloaded the whole lot and packaged it into one simple offline app – meaning you can access tips on every destination regardless of an interent connection, pretty smart huh? It doesn’t come cheap, but when you’re stranded in a new town with a language barrier, you’ll be happy you took the plunge.

D) Flight apps. Whether it’s momondo, skyscanner or kayak you need to have a flight app on your phone these days. Personally, we recommend momondo. There are so many discount airlines dotted around the world, and new destinations are more accessbile than ever, so you have to make sure you stay abreast of the situation – grab an app, and play around in your free time. You’ll have found some amazing Holiday Packages to keep you occupied.

E) Hotel apps. Agoda, booking.com or whatif – again you have a plethora of choices, but download a couple of have a look before you take the plunge and book directly online. Often there are some amazing discounts waiting for you, and if you can save yourself forty percent off your hotel bill, then it’ll all be worth it. Don’t be rash, take a second and try to find the best deal out there.


There you go folks – you don’t have to be a tech genius to find a good deal, fly somewhere for cheap, change money are a fair rate or find something cool to do. Download our handful of recommended apps and you’ll be on point. Happy travels.