/Tokyo: A Sublime Mix of the Traditional and Modern

Tokyo: A Sublime Mix of the Traditional and Modern

When it comes to cities on the cutting edge of cool, Tokyo ranks highly. However, it is important to note that it is a city with plenty of historical and cultural highlights as well, making a well-rounded destination for those of all tastes.

Below, we’ll talk about how you can include both qualities in your sightseeing during a trip to Tokyo. Before we get into the details of this article below, however, let’s take a second to talk accommodations.

If you are here on business or an extended vacation, it makes more sense to get a serviced apartment Tokyo than to spend unreal amounts of yen on a stuffy hotel room. By going with a company that has the largest selection of serviced apartments and monthly apartments in Tokyo, you’re bound to find a place which fits your style while costing you less over a long-term stay.

Now that we’ve gotten that off our chests, here’s how you can best embrace both the ancient and the modern on a visit to Tokyo.

Hop from one temple to the next

Despite the predominance of cutting edge technology in Tokyo and throughout much of Japan, the Japanese still take spirituality and religion seriously. To that end, there are scores of temples you can visit during your travels here.

However, since you will be busy with meetings or sightseeing elsewhere in the city throughout much of your time here, it makes sense to pare them down to a few essential spots. Start your temple hopping adventures by dropping by the Kanda Shrine.

Associated with the Shinto religion, this place is home to two of the gods of fortune, making it a common place for businesspeople to come by and say a prayer for good luck in their dealings. Senso-ji is another must, as this Buddhist temple is the oldest hall of worship in Tokyo

It is also home to the Asakusa festival, which is a major celebration held in honour of Senso-ji’s founders during the third weekend in May – if you’re here during this time, don’t miss it.

Feast on yakitori and drink beer with the locals

Japanese cuisine is considered by many to be among the world’s leading styles of cooking. However, some have the misconception that it is solely concerned with sushi and ramen.

A walk down Memory Lane will correct this misnomer, as it is lined with dozens of booths serving up yakitori skewers, which are composed of onions, ginger, and grilled/marinated chicken. The beer here also flows freely, with prices reasonable and the locals boisterous and friendly.

Enjoy some futuristic dinner theatre

After enjoying traditional Tokyo, rush headlong into the future by booking a reservation to dine at the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku. While expensive (8,000 yen just to get in the door, and at least 1,000 more for dinner), the star of the show are the androids on stage, which perform cabaret numbers for you as you eat.

Accompanied by flashing neon lights, it may not be the best place for those prone to seizures, so keep this in mind when planning out your itinerary.