/Top 4 Awesome Food Blogs To Follow In India

Top 4 Awesome Food Blogs To Follow In India

Well, for those who don’t k know this fact, let me tell you that food bloggers are now becoming the not-so-good or new restaurant critics, yet these are those who give us more powerful information about all things that are interesting pertaining to food. When you are not sure as to which is the best nearby restaurant to visit, how to avail Dominos coupons exclusive on pizzas, what are the best discounts on food, recipes and more, food blogs answer all your questions. With today’s extensive array of new food bloggers, we are lucky enough to get to know more about one of the most interesting things in this world – Food. Here are 4 of best Indian food blogs we have listed down based on the followers, excellent piece of content and their user experience.



Mother of 6-year old has been blogging for more than 5 years. Her appetizing blog, Applemint focuses on everything that’s related to food, fitness, photography, recipes and more. In simple words, she says here world revolves around 4Fs – Food, Family, Fitness & Fashion. The blog has a catchy title – better food and easy recipes. And as said, you will find an elusive range of posts across various categories such as desserts, drinks, baking, healthy and nutritious, places and travel, non-vegetarian, vegetarian and more.


Padhus Kitchen

Padhu creates simple, everyday recipes while ensuring to make the food really fantastic that fosters for a healthy way of living. Her blog focuses on healthy recipes, simple Indian dishes, traditional South Indian vegetarian recipes, cooking basics and more.She features incredibly easy-to-cook recipes along with step-by-step instructions and pictures. She has got a collection of over 800 delicious recipes on her blog.


Hooked On Heat

Hooked on Heat is an Indian inspired flavors blog founded by Meena. She takes most of her culinary inspiration from traditional Indian dishes and brings us recipes that are sure to tickle our taste buds. She splits her time between her blog posts and a new series called – “In the kitchen with…”, where she presents workshops in her designed kitchen and kitchens of various food personalities across the globe.


My Tamarind Kitchen

Blogger, full-time professional foodie, Sumayya Usmani features food, recipes, cooking styles that introduce all about Pakistani and Muslim heritage cuisine styles. As a recipe developer she highlights the exoticness of her county’s cuisine and enlightens her readers how different the cooking style is from Indian cuisine. Sumayya has been featured in a variety of newspapers, media blogs, TV shows and she has a fan base all over the world. Although, we are talking about Indian food bloggers, we thought to add this blog to the list because – most of her blog posts and photographs of the dishes that she creates are very much similar to Indian cuisines.