/What to Bring on Your Next Snow Adventure

What to Bring on Your Next Snow Adventure

Just because the cold weather has slowly but surely taken over doesn’t mean you are stuck indoors huddling under a blanket waiting for the change. If you’re feeling a little adventurous and are planning on a visit to the snow, here are some great tips to help you out.


Strength in Numbers

While there are many benefits to traveling alone, snow adventures are an exception. If not only for safety, for the cost. Get a group of your friends together and instead of staying in a room or resort right on the snow fields, look for a private home or apartment rental at a small village close by. Not only will this help you get a more local travel experience the reduction in accommodation costs can be better spent elsewhere on your adventure.


What to Pack and What to Hire

Hiring your gear at the fields is definitely going to be cheaper than buying your gear at the fields. But do you know what can be even cheaper? Buying your gear before you head out.  While your board or skis are something you can get decently priced when you arrive, your best bet to get purpose designed clothing and shoes cheap is by using Groupon coupons for stores that have purpose designed winter clothing. If you only buy one item of clothing before you leave – make it a good pair of winter boots.


Pick Your Season Carefully

It’s true that most of your friends are going to want to visit the snow fields when the season is at its peak – or when the tour companies tell you the snow will be at its best. But, just because the snow isn’t ‘at its best’ during other times, doesn’t mean it’s not rideable and it definitely doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time. Check out online forums where locals chat about the conditions and gauge when the snow is going to be rideable against when the fields are going to be busy. Not only can you save money on travel and accommodation, you might find yourselves with emptier snow fields to enjoy.


Heading to snow almost always guarantees a great adventure, however, can almost always guarantee high prices if you aren’t savvy. Take these tips and then get you and your friends packed and ready for the perfect winter break at a cost you can all afford.