/What Can Malta Offer You?

What Can Malta Offer You?

Malta is a holiday destination like no other, it is a tiny island of just over 400,000 people, but it has so much to offer those that visit. If you want to know one some of the many Malta holidays it can offer you then read on to get an insight into this beautiful place.


Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea and lies 80km south of Sicily and 284km east of Tunisia. The location of Malta means that it has an ideal sub-tropical Mediterranean climate, with warm to hot summers and mild winters, and this makes it an ideal place to visit at any time of the year.

Annual rainfall is low, averaging 568mm a year. Bathing in the sea is quite possible well into the ‘winter’ months, and the peak beach season can last until mid- to late October.


Malta is place that is rich in history that dates back to the dawn of civilisation. Malta’s islands experienced a golden Neolithic period and has given Malta the remains of mysterious temples that are dedicated to the goddess of fertility. The Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and the Byzantines have all left their mark on the islands, this makes Malta one of the most historically and culturally diverse places in the world.

Malta in modern times was ruled by Britain and adapted the British system of administration, education and legislation

Food and Drink

Maltese cuisine is a fusion of the long relationship between the native Maltese people and the many different civilisations who have occupied the islands over hundreds of years and this gives Malta a diverse mix of Mediterranean cooking. Malta has many specialty restaurants as well as the local fare.

Traditional food is rustic and seasonal in Malta, and there are many delicious foods, such as Lampuki pie (fish), Rabbit Stew and Kapunata (Maltese ratatouille). If you visit Malta you must try one of the various snacks on offer too, such as hobz biz-zejt, this is break dipped in olive oil, rubbed with tomatoes and filled with tuna, onion, garlic, tomatoes and capers.

Tourist Attractions

Malta has many tourist attractions that you must visit in your lifetime, as stated before the rich history of Malta adds to the cultural diversity and for tourist attractions this is no different. One of the major attractions that Malta has to offer are the UNESCO listed Megalithic Temples, these are prehistoric temples that are believed to have been built between 3600 BC and 700BC and have been claimed as the oldest free-standing structures on Earth.

Malta has many more attractions that you must visit, such as beaches that will suit anyone from a sunbather to a windsurfer.