/Greece; Europe’s hidden gem!

Greece; Europe’s hidden gem!

I was fortunate enough to visit Greece many times with my family when I was a kid, it was by far the best place I went to in my early years! Of course travelling with your family and travelling by yourself are two entirely different things, the good thing about travelling with family was that my mother used to drag us to each and every major tourist site.

When I look back I remember we used to complain about having to trek across cities all day long but in reality we should have been grateful, it is those experiences that ignited the fire in me to travel and to see more. The most memorable place that we visited in Greece was most definitely Athens, this is a city that always stuck in my mind. It made such an impression on me that I went back to visit again last year and it was even better than i remembered.

The first thing I love about Athens is that it can cater for any budget, so if you’re looking for Luxury Hotels Athens you can find them and at the same time if your backpacking you can find some great hostels to lay your head for the night.

Athens is steeped in history and there is a wealth of things for you to see and do, make sure you research the place thoroughly before you go. If you don’t want to do any research then simply follow this guide of places that you just have to see!

The Parthenon

Athens is always seen as where civilisation was born, so it really would be crime to come here and not visit the Acropolis to take in the magical Parthenon. This can not be missed! When you buy a ticket to you will also be given access to the other major archaeological sites, try and see as many as you possibly can.

Mount Lycabettus

Wherever you are in Athens you will see a beautiful green mountain, don’t just look at it and ignore it. You really need to make your way to the top asap! Why? Because at the top of that lush mountain is a cafe where you can take in the some of the most beautiful views of Athens. If that isn’t enough to convince you then the fact that there’s an amphitheater where you can see some of the most famous names in world music during the summer months.