/Ibiza’s best restaurants

Ibiza’s best restaurants

Ibiza is one of the hottest traveling destinies, mostly during the summer. There are lots of tourists, both national and international, that choose the mediterranean island as it’s holiday destination during the months of june, july and august. And it goes without saying that Ibiza is most known for its partying side and its nightlife.

But what about the restaurants? Is it possible to enjoy a good meal in the Ibiza restaurants? Here you can find some recommendations about some good restaurants you can find in the island, so you complement your summer activities with a good meal.


Sands Beach Restaurant

If we are headed to the Playa d’en Bossa you cannot miss this restaurant, located very near the beach, and perfect to relax, enjoy a good meal while you stare at the sea. Known not only for its food and drinks, you can enjoy some top-notch music there, with DJ’s and parties at night. Perfect for spending a day in the beach, enjoy a meal, relax in the afternoon and dance in the night.


Bio Bites Marina Restaurant

Are you looking for a good restaurant in the city of Ibiza? This is your choice. We can find it in the city’s marina, a perfect place to enjoy the harbor and the views of Ibiza’s old district. With a great variety of traditional food, brought by fishers and farmers each day, what excels mostly in that restaurant are its drinks, considered by many as one of the best in the island, and perfect to enjoy while looking at the city.


Ca Na Ribes

Located in the tranquil town of Santa Eulària, this beach restaurant is perfect for relaxing after swimming at sea. Its ‘paella’ is often considered as one of the best in Ibiza, and you can find a lot of exquisite meals for a very good price, considering that is one of the most popular spots in the island. If we want to go to the town of Santa Eulària from the city of Ibiza so we can enjoy this restaurant, we can rent a car so the trip is more enjoyable for us.