/The latest travel technologies

The latest travel technologies


Travelling is something many people enjoy, and technology has gone a long way to enhance the experience – making travelling cheaper, easier and more entertaining. With the latest in travel gadgets and mobile phone apps, you can find your way around your destination a lot easier, be better informed and find hidden sights you might otherwise have missed. Here are ten of the most popular travel technologies that you can use to improve your trip:

Smart suitcases

We all have plenty of devices that have batteries that appear to drain almost instantly. A dead mobile phone just as you reach the airport can be a nuisance, so why not opt for a travel case that has a built-in battery and charging port? Smart cases also let you track your luggage around the world, as these cases come with a built-in GPS, allowing you to track your luggage if it gets lost.

Portable speakers

Often a hotel room can be lacking in entertainment options, so why not bring your own music with you? Portable speakers will also brighten up any TV or films you are watching on your iPad or laptop, or simply provide background music as you relax during your stay. Most are battery powered and equipped with Bluetooth, so you can link your devices wirelessly.

A selfie stick

Even if it is not universally liked, a selfie stick can be incredibly handy. It is quite difficult getting good group or solo photographs that include an attractive backdrop by merely using your phone’s camera. Instead, attach your phone to a selfie stick to get great pictures – the latest selfie sticks are cleverly designed and collapse into a very small space.

Solar chargers

Even the bulkiest of external battery packs run out of juice at some point, so think about bringing along a battery pack that can be recharged in the sun. If you are camping or otherwise enjoying the outdoors, a solar powered battery pack can keep your gadgets charged without the need to be anywhere in the vicinity of a power grid.

Portable drone

Exploring nature is one of the top motivations for travel, and if you’re enjoying the great outdoors, why not use the opportunity to take spectacular aerial pictures? Compact drones with powerful cameras and extensive recording facilities can easily fit in your luggage and let you take eye-popping images from high altitudes, and from angles you wouldn’t dream of approaching on foot.

Translation app

Travelling in foreign countries can be tricky if the language is unfamiliar to you. Instead of guessing, try out a translation app on your mobile phone. You can take an image of text in a foreign language and have it translated straight away; very useful for travel instructions or when descriptions in a museum are not in your native tongue.

Compression clothing

Long flights and extended walking are part of a full-on travel itinerary, but this often leads to sore muscles. After a long walk or international flight, think about this: Men’s Core Compression Calf Sleeve – Compression Sleeves – Men and women can ease your muscle pain, thanks to the hi-tech manufacturing behind the fabric in items such as a calf compression sleeve.

Noise-cancelling headphones

It is great to listen to your favorite music during the long periods in which you are in transit. Aircraft and vehicle noise can quickly intrude, but noise-cancelling headphones reduce the amount of noise you hear to a minimum. Instead of fighting off the aircraft hum with louder and louder music, invest in a decent pair of active noise-cancelling headphones.

Smart padlocks

If you have existing luggage that you’d like to keep out of prying hands, think about a smart lock, which you can operate with an app on your phone. It is an excellent solution – no need to keep keys or to try and remember what the security code for a lock is, since it’s all stored on your phone.

Portable seats

Lightweight manufacturing technology makes it possible to produce seat-like shapes that take almost no space in your luggage and add very little weight. A portable set can come in handy in all sorts of situations, whether it is a music festival or a camping trip.

Advances in technology can make travelling easier and more fun, but you need to pack the right gadgets. There’s no need to spend a fortune, just cleverly purchase a few key gadgets and you will be set for your trips – travelling in more comfort than ever before.