/All you need to know about flight delays and cancellations

All you need to know about flight delays and cancellations

Flight delays and cancellations are something that we all experience at some point during our travels. It really doesn’t matter how often it occurs, it is always just as bad as the last time. This article will help you to understand a little bit more about flight delays and cancellations and what you can do during and after they occur. I hope you enjoy reading about it.

Why are delayed  and cancelled flights a problem

The main reason delayed flights are a problem is that your time is precious and in most travel situations you will have limited time. Imagine you are going away for the weekend and have only a limited time to enjoy your weekend in a different country or city, a delayed flight can really eat into your travel time which is precious. It can leave a really bad taste in your mouth and furthermore, you may even miss a connecting flight, which can cause a huge headache, especially if you need to book or organise another flight. This can be extremely costly for you and leave you out of pocket by quite a lot.

Reasons for delays and cancellations

There are so many reasons a flight can be delayed or cancelled, but the main one is probably due to bad weather. Rain, lightning, storms and other weather events can severely delay flights. Other events include terrorist attacks and technical faults.

What can you do to

Realistically there is not much that you can control when it comes to delayed or cancelled flights. One thing you can do is to choose airlines that are punctual and have had few cancellations in the past, however, delays and cancellations can really happen to any airline.

What to do if your flight is delayed or cancelled

There isn’t so much that you can do immediately to fix the situation, but my best advice is always to talk to the airline to see what can be done to help you. Perhaps you will need to stay somewhere you are for a while before you can get another flight.

What to do afterwards

The pain and suffering of cancelled or delayed flights can definitely linger for longer than they should but don’t worry, there is something to help you with this too. You can actually make a claim against the airline for the inconvenience of the delay or cancellation. In the EU, for example, you can claim up to 600 euros if your flight was delayed (for a long enough period of time) or cancelled. This money can definitely help you to cover the costs of new flights and compensate you for the hard times you have suffered. If you need more information about services that help you to make claims against airlines you can view flight delay company.