/Rest and rejuvenate at a spa hotel

Rest and rejuvenate at a spa hotel

When I am not travelling there’s nothing more I enjoy doing than taking a relaxing break. A few months ago my girlfriend proposed the idea of going to relax on a spa day, I am always willing to try everything but I must admit that this was something new for me.  So my first job was to find a place that we would both love, I did a quick Spa search and was surprised at how many amazing places there were for us to choose from!

There is something to suit everyone’s budget and needs, I wasn’t to clued up about the treatments so I left that part up to my girlfriend. She found a spa hotel that had everything that we were looking for.

So off we went to London to our spa hotel for a relaxing weekend of pampering and healthiness! To say I was surprised is a big understatement because I absolutely loved every minute of the trip, I will definitely be doing it again after my next block of travel. If you haven’t taken a spa break yet then you real should, here’s why:

Get healthy

I found the whole trip to be such a fantastic way to detox and eat well. The food at the hotel was specially selected so that it contained all of the nutrition we need to feel healthy – at our hotel the food was always fresh and organic. They even have special diets for you to follow if you want to detox and purify your body.


Spa hotels are geared towards people that want the ultimate in relaxation and a stress free holiday, because of this all of the programmes on offer are there to help relieve stress. After just one day my muscles were more relaxed and my mind seemed to be a lot less stressed.


Of course having spa treatments is fantastic but you can also be active if you need to be. The sport at spa hotels is not too strenuous but is nonetheless a lot of fun. We were able to choose from aqua aerobics, yoga and activities that would focus on caring for certain parts of our bodies – I loved it!