/Things To Do In Cornwall

Things To Do In Cornwall


Cornwall is without a doubt one of the best holiday destinations in all of the UK, it doesn’t matter if you are in one of the many holiday cottages in Polzeath or in a tent, there is just so much to do and see. This guide will talk a little bit more about just a few of the great things that are possible in Cornwall.

Tintagel Castle

What is better than the remains of a medieval castle? The answer is nothing and Tintagel Castle to not disappoint. This medieval fortification on Tintagel Island is a well known tourist attraction and has been attracting visitors since the middle of the 19th century. The castle was built by Richard the Earl of Cornwall during the 13th century, and offers stunning views from the high cliffs. The castle is also believed by many people to be connected to the Arthurian legends (King Arthur) and is said to even be the castle of the king. Nothing is for certain, except for the stunning views and amazing architecture.

The Eden Project

This is a very interesting part of Cornwall that makes it truly unique and a site like this probably doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world on the same scale. The Eden Project are two huge domes that house thousands and thousands of plant species. Each dome has its own theme and there is even a botanical garden that surrounds the domes. In this garden you can find plants native to Cornwall and Britain. This unusual, but exciting site has become a major tourist attraction, as well a world class education and conservation project.

Food and Drink

Cornwall although perhaps not as well known as it should be, is certainly well known for the delicious ales and pasties, that have become world famous. The Cornish cuisine is one of the highest regarded of all regional cuisines in Britain and there really is no secret why. The nature and fresh regional produce are used to create the best beers, pies and other fish dishes.

The Lizard

The Lizard is home to the most southerly point in Britain and is a small peninsula in Southern Cornwall. The peninsula has a very high reputation for the number of rare plants that are not found in other locations and is widely considered by many to be one of the most scenic and special places in all of the United Kingdom. The geology is also a huge drawcard for the area.