/Top 7 European Cruises

Top 7 European Cruises

Cruise ships travel to virtually any destination on the planet. Besides luxurious accommodations, passengers have the opportunity of visiting places having centuries of culture and history. When you go on a luxury cruise holiday you will be given the option of nightly or extended holidays to a wide selection of world famous cities.


The capital of the Azzurra region and the second largest city in the country, Marseille has a history of being the home of many famous artists. Cultural destinations within the metropolis include opera houses, museums and theatres. Highlights of Nice include the cliff side Colline du Chateau, with a history that dates back hundreds of years before Christ. The charming, old part of the city also features cobblestone streets and pedestrian only zones.


When sailing to Italy, ships arrive at Civitavecchia, a port lying a mere hour from Rome. Rome remains synonymous with the Vatican and medieval art created by the masters. Visit the Sistine chapel and witness Michelangelo’s masterpiece. Gaze at the fountains and sculptures located throughout the city. Voted one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Venice remains another top destination for many. Ride the canals in a traditional gondola and visit medieval churches, palaces and piazzas while absorbing the amazing surroundings.


The spectacular landscape of Barcelona include the Mediterranean coast, which contrasts with the lush hills of the northwest. From the middle ages, the city gained notoriety as an artistic and cultural centre. Guests enjoy touring the many historic sites and museums. The world famous city of Seville has buildings and monuments originating from the 6th century. Explore the Giralda Cathedral, the third largest on the planet and the Alacazar Palace, which remains the home of the country’s royals.


Made famous by Beethoven and Mozart, many equate Vienna with music excellence. Architecture in the metropolis includes everything from traditional Baroque to the more modern Art Nouveau. The pedestrianized city centre offers many sightseeing choices. The historic Graben square features a wide array of shops and pavements covered with large umbrellas. Walk down Ringstrasse and view some of the most beautiful displays of architecture in the country. Other highlights include the Natural History Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts and the State Opera House.

The Netherlands

The capital city of Amsterdam, like Venice, grew around a series of canals. Touring the city by boat remains the best means of seeing the sights, which include over 1,000 bridges spanning the waterways. Many of the local homes date back to the 17th century and feature ornamental Dutch gables. Cultural attractions in Amsterdam include over 60 art galleries, over 50 museums and 20 theatres. The city also has a long diamond cutting history and visitors have the opportunity of viewing this delicate craft.

Czech Republic

Founded along the Vltava River, many consider Prague one of the most spectacular European cities. Nicknamed the “city of a thousand spires, “the town square developed over 700 years ago and has amazing churches and town hall. Other magnificent medieval structures in the old part of the city include Prague Castle and the Gothic St. Vitus Cathedral. Navigating the historic part of Prague on foot remains one of the appealing aspects of the area.